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"I was approved (in just 3 Days at the First Lender) for an SBA Loan of $118,000 (for a Specialty Retail Store New Business Franchise Start-Up).  I'd like to Thank You all for this Wonderful Program and Support.  Feel free to contact me for Testimonial, I know you'd like to know if this program worked." Winestyles & Gifts - Shameron & Jerome Bostic -  Ft Wayne, Indiana - (Click Here for More Success Stories)

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  1. What is the SBA and what is a Government Guaranteed Business Loan?

  2. What do I have to do to get an SBA Loan?

  3. How do I know if I am eligible for an SBA Government Guaranteed Loan?

  4. What is the Interest Rate of an SBA Loan?

  5. Do you have a Pre-Qualification Test or Report that I can do to see if I will Qualify for an SBA Loan?

  6. Can you give me a General Overview of SBA Loans?

  7. How hard is it to get an SBA Loan?

  8. What are the different things that an SBA Loan can be used for?

  9. Is there SBA Loan Money available to Purchase an Existing Business?

  10. Can an SBA Loan be used to start a new business?

  11. Can an SBA Government Loan be used to purchase Equipment and Vehicles?

  12. Can Real Estate, Land or Buildings be purchased with a Guaranteed SBA Loan?

  13. Are there Government Guaranteed SBA Loans for Business Expansions?

  14. Can I get Working Capital with an SBA Government Program Loan?

  15. Is it possible to Payoff Business Debts or Consolidate Debt with an SBA Loan?

  16. Are there Government SBA Loans for Renovations or Leasehold  Improvements?

  17. Could I get an SBA Loan to increase my Business Stock or to Purchase Inventory?

  18. Are there SBA Government Guaranteed Loans for Agricultural or Agriculture related loans?

  19. Can one get Advertising or Marketing Funds with a Government Guaranteed SBA Loan?

  20. Can I get a Guaranteed Government Loan from the SBA to Construct a Building?

  21. Does the SBA Grant Government Loans for Guaranteed Business Lines of Credit or to Finance Seasonal Lines of Credit?

  22. Is there an SBA Loan program of Government Guaranteed Loans for Financing or to Finance Receivables?

  23. Are there Guaranteed Government SBA Loans for Purchasing Fixtures, Computers, Equipment and Machinery?

  24. Why do I need SBA Loan Preparation Software?

  25. How is your Program Better than other such programs?

  26. Can you detail some successful examples of SBA Loans?

  27. What are the Benefits of this Program?

  28. How do I purchase this Program?

  29. Is this Program Available or Offered in Stores?

  30. Does this Program work on all Computers? 

  31. What Purchase Bonuses are included with the Program?

  32. How do I get the Software Immediately upon payment as the website states?

  33. How do I apply for an SBA Loan?

  34. How long does the process take?

  35. What if my Credit isn't Perfect?

  36. Can a Non-US Citizen Apply for an SBA Loan?

  37. How can I help to speed up the process?

  38. Can you show any photos of the SBA Loan Easy-Step Kit?

  39. How long do I have to repay the Loan?

  40. What if the bank declines my Loan Proposal?

  41. Is Collateral always Required for SBA Loans?

  42. Does the SBA Guarantee 100% of the Loan?

  43. What is the most I can borrow with an SBA Loan?

  44. What type of business entity should I choose?

  45. Do I need to hire a company to prepare a SBA Loan Proposal for me?

  46. Do I have to be turned down by a bank before applying for an SBA Loan?

  47. Can I apply directly to the SBA for an SBA Loan?

  48. Are Loan Payments made directly to the SBA?

  49. Why do I need to use a Certified or Preferred Lender?

  50. How do I qualify under the minority pre-qualification or women's pre-qualification programs?

  51. What is the SBA Looking for to approve an SBA Loan?

  52. Should I Incorporate my business before applying for an SBA Loan?

  53. Do I need a Business Plan to apply for an SBA Loan?

  54. Are there any Samples or Examples of the Program to see Online?

  55. Is a Marketing Plan necessary in an SBA Loan Package?

  56. Is it likely that my loan will be approved by the first bank I submit to?

  57. Should I submit my package to more than one bank at time?

  58. Does your program contain everything that is needed to put together a professional SBA Loan Package?

  59. Do you provide any Technical Assistance after I have purchased the program?

  60. Do you provide Discounts or Incentives if I decide to upgrade to another version of your program?

  61. What is the refund policy if I am not satisfied with the product?

  62. With this Software how long does it take to prepare an SBA Loan from beginning to end?

  63. Why Shouldn't I purchase one of the other competitors programs?

  64. Are all SBA Loan Applications approved?

  65. Is it true that Government Guaranteed SBA Loans and Financing is Available for Businesses?

  66. What are the different Government SBA Loan Programs that I can apply under or is there a certain one that I have to apply under?

  67. What are the different Package Options for your SBA Loan Easy-Step Kit Program?

  68. Does this Program cover everything in the Preparation of an SBA Loan?

  69. What is a Government Guaranteed SBA Loan?

  70. Who is Eligible for a Government Guaranteed SBA Loan?

  71. Can you Explain the SBA Government Guaranteed Loan Program and how it works?

  72. How much money can be borrowed under the SBA Loan Government Guaranty Program?

  73. Do all Banks do SBA Loans?

  74. Why is it important to apply at the right Lender for SBA Loan Government Financing?

  75. Does applying at the wrong lender hurt my future Chances of getting a Guaranteed  SBA Loan?

  76. What is the benefit of getting a Government Guaranteed SBA Loan?

  77. Is it easier to qualify for an SBA Guaranteed Government Loan than a regular conventional Business Loan?

  78. Which SBA Government Guaranteed Loan Program should I apply under?

  79. Why is it so important that SBA Guaranteed Loan Financing be applied for correctly?

  80. Why is it better for the Applicant to be fully involved in their own SBA Loan Package Preparation?

  81. Can someone get an SBA Loan if they have had bad credit, a past bankruptcy, or a past criminal charge or conviction?

  82. Can a Foreigner get a US Government Guaranteed SBA Loan?

  83. What different purposes can I get Guaranteed Government Financing, Grants or an SBA Business Loan for?

  84. How long does it take to get a Government Guaranteed SBA Loan?

  85. How long does one have to repay an SBA Loan or Government Guaranteed Business Financing?

  86. Are SBA Business Loans really available for Small Businesses that need Financing?

  87. What is an SBA Loan or what is Government Guaranteed Funding?

  88. What about Collateral or Down Payments in relation to Guaranteed Government SBA Loan Financing?

  89. How is SBA Guaranteed Government Loan Financing different from Conventional Loans?

  90. I have heard that SBA Loans are granted based on the "Feasibility of a Business"- Is this true?

  91. Does an SBA Loan Proposal need a Business Plan attached to it?

  92. How much paperwork does the Lender or bank do in the SBA Loan Package Preparation process?

  93. What does this program give me that other programs do not?

  94. What is required, by way of paperwork, to apply for an Government Guaranteed SBA Loan or Government Financing?

  95. How much do SBA Loan Packagers or SBA Loan Package Preparers charge for their services and how long do they usually take to finalize a package ready for presentation?

  96. Are SBA Government Guaranteed Financing Loans usually approved on the first presentation of a package?

  97. How does your money back guarantee work?

  98. Who do we repay a Government Guaranteed SBA Loan to once one is approved?

  99. What is the financing interest rate of Guaranteed SBA Loans or are they controlled by the SBA or Government?

  100. Is Perfect Credit required to get Government Business Financing or a Guaranteed SBA Loan?

  101. Are there any prepayment penalties if one pays off their SBA Guaranteed Government Loan Financing early?

  102. What Types of Government  Loans, SBA Financing,  Guaranteed Grants or Funds are available for Businesses in need of Financing?

  103. What are the types of problems that can cause a rejection of and SBA Loan?

  104. Can one get an SBA Government Guaranteed Loan to use to payoff or Consolidate Business Debts?

  105. What are the Pitfalls of preparing and handling ones own SBA Government Guaranteed Loan for Business Financing?

  106. What are the advantages of SBA Guaranteed Government Loans over Conventional Business Financing or Bank Loans?

  107. Why is your SBA Loan Kit Program better than any other Government Guaranteed Financing Kit on the Market?

  108. Can I apply for financing from the SBA for a Guaranteed Government Loan to establish a Business of any type?

  109. Can an application be made for Guaranteed SBA Government Financing to expand an already existing Business?

  110. Is this a good time to apply for an SBA Government Guaranteed Business Loan considering the current economy?

  111. How can an SBA Guaranteed Government Loan Help a small business succeed?

  112. What different items are involved in preparing an SBA Loan Proposal or Package and does this program do all of that?

  113. What in addition to an Application is required to apply for Government Guaranteed Financing, Government Loan Grants or SBA Funding?

  114. Is a Marketing Plan usually required to get Government Guaranteed Financing with an SBA Loan and does your program do this if that is true?

  115. Is there any place we can see screen samples of the program?

  116. Does this program provide or prepare the necessary Financial Statements and Finance Projections that are required for an SBA Guaranteed Business Loan or Government Backed Financing?

  117. Why are Score Volunteers not helpful or successful in most cases in SBA Loan Package Preparation?

  118. What is the maximum Guaranteed SBA Loan amount available for Government Business Financing or Funding?

  119. What do SBA Loan Packagers, Consultants or Accountants usually charge to prepare an SBA Government Guaranteed Loan Package?

  120. Aren't all loans based on Credit and Collateral or are SBA Guaranteed Funding and Government Grant Loan Financing different?

  121. Are there Special Government Loans for SBA Financing Programs especially for Women?

  122. Are there Government Loan Financing Funds or Guaranteed SBA Programs specifically for Minorities or Minority Owned Businesses?

  123. Are there Government Guaranteed SBA Loans for Veterans who want financing for a Business Venture?

  124. Are there SBA Loan Programs or Government Guaranteed Financing for American Indians?

  125. Are there also SBA Guaranteed Government Loans available for the Handicapped or Disabled to finance Business Plans?

  126. Are there any other SBA Government Guaranteed Loan Computer Software  Programs of this type on the market?

  127. What are the different Eligibility Requirements for an SBA Guaranty Loan or how do I know that I am eligible for Government Guaranteed Financing or Funding?

  128. Why are SBA Government Guaranteed Loans often rejected?

  129. Why do SBA Packagers, Consultants and Accountants take on average 3 to 6 months or more to prepare an SBA Government Guaranteed Loan Package?

  130. Why is it said that an Applicant should be directly involved in the SBA Loan Preparation Process in securing Government Guaranteed Funding or Financing?

  131. How long does it take to get an SBA Loan?

  132. What is an SBA Loan or what does Government Guaranteed Financing mean?

  133. How much money can be applied for with an SBA Loan or through Government Guaranteed Grant Funding or Financing?

  134. Please explain the various Government Business Funding Programs for SBA Loans or Guaranteed Financing and which one should I apply to?

  135. How does the interest rate of an SBA Guaranty Loan for Business Financing work in relation to Government Guaranteed Funds?

  136. Who lends the money or provides the funding in an SBA Government Guaranteed Loan?

  137. What Types of Businesses can get a Government Financed SBA Guaranteed Loan and what can be financed with the funds?

  138. What is the SBA Loan Business Financing Government Guaranty Program?

  139. What is the process of financing of a Government Guaranteed and Funded SBA Loan and what do I have to do?

  140. How do I go about getting an SBA Government Guaranteed Loan?

  141. What is the Lender or Bank expecting to see to approve an SBA Government Guaranteed Loan Package?

  142. How do SBA Guaranteed Loans or Government Business Financing work?

  143. Why is there an SBA Loan Government Guaranteed Financing Program for Business Funding?

  144. What is the SBA Loan Lender Contact List that you get when you purchase your program?

  145. What is included with each different level of the SBA Loan Easy-Step 123 Kit?

  146. What are the modules that are included with each SBA Loan Easy-Step 123 Kit?

  147. How does one upgrade from a lower priced kit to the Full Premium SBA Loan Kit?

  148. If I purchase the SBA Loan Easy-Step 123 Full Premium level kit and I download it does it automatically update my old kit on my computer?

  149. Why do Bankers and SBA Lenders prefer the SBA Loan Easy-Step 123 Kit Program?

  150. How do SBA Lenders decide on Business Financing Approvals?

  151. If I purchase the SBA Loan Easy-Step 123 Kit Program how soon do I get it?

  152. How much is the SBA Loan Easy Step Kit Program and are there different package options?

  153. Is the SBA Loan Kit Program shipped or available directly online?

  154. How do I know that this is not a scam?

  155. Is purchasing the SBA Business Loan Kit Online with a credit card safe?

  156. How will this program help me get  Government Guaranteed SBA Loan Business Financing?

  157. Why is this better than doing the SBA Government Loan Package preparation myself?

  158. Do You mail the SBA Guaranteed Government Loan Kit to us or do we get it online?

  159. What does a feasible business mean in relation to the  SBA Loan financing process?

  160. Where do you apply to get financing for a Government Guaranteed SBA Loan?

  161. How does a Business get a Government Guaranteed SBA Loan?

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